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This company provides a $10 gift card with certain electronics. I received one with The Sharper Image headphones that I received as a Christmas gift.

I wanted to download The Beatles' music. When I subscribed to, the first problem was that I had to download a completely different program; their downloads don't work with iTunes or Windows Media Player. Secondly, the music didn't download! When I complained, it took about a week for them to reply.

When I went back a second time, I discovered that the music I tried to download wasn't the original Beatles' music; it's copy-cat music, by The Yesteryears! So, I cancelled my subscription within the two-week timeframe that was mentioned in the contract.

Actually I cancelled within two DAYS, but they refuse to give me a refund. These people are dishonest, and I urge you to boycott their website!

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FYI, The Beatles are available on Amazon. :roll

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #625871

First, the Beatles are only available on the iTunes store, I believe. It was a big deal for them to be released there two years ago.

It would be nice if they released them or the Beatles' solo work (well John's, at least). Second, they have an add-on that downloads the tracks, but they work just fine in iTunes. They do indeed have a lot of cover artists, but so does the iTunes store. However, eMusic should make this a little more obvious.

They are not a rip-off.

You were confused and unaware.

to Anonymous #731256

Man that's really ***, not even available on Amazon but the DRM overlords Apple alone!

The thing about eMusic is you obtain music when THEY want you to. They are most certainly a rip-off if they let your credit expire! You must have a reason to claim as you do!

to Anonymous #731362

FYI, The Beatles are also available on Amazon...cheaper! :roll

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